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Creator of Dreams & Dealer of Stories.

Submission File Uploads

Submit your work via drop box or send to our team via email at:

By Submitting your work you agree to Envision & Wonders Terms of Use.


Message Requirements include:

  1.  Your Name or Group Members Names

  2. Type of Submission ( Project Pitches, Manuscripts, Book or Portfolio)

  3. Your Title or Group Title Example: ( Artist, Author, Dreamer, Animator, Graphic Designer, Actor Illustrator, Musician, Singer, Journalist, Filmmaker, etc.)

  4.  Number of Submissions

  5. Title(s) and Brief Description(s) of your Submission(s)

  6. Include any links to your work if applicable


(Note: If submitting a Resume or Portfolio please include links to Rates. That includes Hourly, Flat & Per Page.)

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