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Creator of Dreams & Dealer of Stories.

Project Pitches, Manuscripts & Book Submission 

                                               We Love books!

Envision & Wonder publishes all types of books, Novels, Series, Children’s Books, Graphic novels and Comic books. We’re always looking for submissions and manuscripts for future titles. Royalties for Artist & Authors are 60%. We also provide promotion and design services. Submissions go through a thorough selection process and if your work isn’t selected we offer actual feedback so that the work can be improved and to our delight submitted again and hopefully selected. Estimated duration of response is 6 to 8 weeks per submission. There are NO fees at any point during our publication or submission process. 

                           Submission Guidelines:

                        Required to Complete the Submission Form


Artists & Authors

-Written Files or Manuscripts should be sent as: PDF's, RTF or TXT

-Pitches, Short Stories and Comics should at least provide 1 to 2 pages, Graphic Novels show 3 to 6 pages of proposed work as previews. Single and concept Pages for any Visual Artists are accepted as well.



Any Image files accompanying writing should be sent as:

-High Resolution Images (300 to 600 dpi): Jpegs, PNG's. Music & Video footage: Mp3, Wma, Mpg, Flv, & Avi formats. (Ex. Comics/ Graphic Novels/ Childrens Books/ Picture Books, Experimental Books)

Submissions should not be offensive, hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar or in violation of local or international laws. OFFENDERS WILL BE BLACKLISTED FROM ANY FURTHER SUBMISSION AND BLOCKED.



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