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Hand Of Fate | Fated Lovers Volume 1

by JM Devon




 Samantha Munoz was a kid when she met, Shane Benjamin, a smooth talking heartthrob from, New York. From then on the two were inseparable. Samantha thought that Shane was her soulmate. Even Carter “Bucky Gopher Teeth” Cooper, the shy boy couldn't change that!


      But in the blink of an eye, their little paradise took a turn, leaving Samantha to make a life altering decision. Should she keep things the way they are with Shane or take her newfound blessings as a sign that it’s time for a change? Even if her fate meant walking a path without love and surrendering to loneliness.


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All rights reserved.


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First Edition Month & Year: June 2018

Publisher: Envision & Wonder

ISBN: 978-0-9961561-2-7

Made in the United States of America.

Hand Of Fate | Fated Lovers Volume 1 by JM Devon

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  • Hello my name is Marques but I go by J.M. Devon, I am from Chicago Illinois born and raised on the west side I graduated from Manley high school. I have a mentor who taught me the basics of writing and been practicing it ever since. I'm still practicing it to this day because I still feel I am far from being at full potential but that's just how life is, your never at your full potential because life itself is never complete.

    Yours truly!

    J.M. Devon


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