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Creator of Dreams & Dealer of Stories.

Staying Hopeful

Our team has been busy. Life throws so many curves at you and our books have engaged the minds and hearts of many. Be it poetry by Vince the Artist, Romance by JM Devon, Urban Lit by Kassana Wilson, Children's books and Novels by Lovietta Simpkins and upcoming works by Leevette Simpkins and Travis Walker.

We are a small group. Aside from working as creatives; we are Parents, Artists, Writers, Essential Workers, Chefs, Teachers, Filmmakers, Security Guards, and Freelancers to name a few.

No one said it would be easy, no dream is easy. So collectively we keep going. And I'm happy that no matter how small our team is we still get to share wonderful stories with everyone.

I hope that Envision & Wonder can continue to be soulful creativity and that one day we can have a building that can house all of our books, and other creative endeavors. With the support of the community I believe we can get there. Maybe not today or even tomorrow but someday.

Thanks for Reading!

~Envision & Wonder Team

Envision & Wonder Team

Envision & Wonder | The Team | Independent Publisher, Creative Consultancy, & Open Studio.

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