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What's New

Planning is well underway for new books. I've always said that the process is steady but rushing out work isn't in the best interest of anyone really. Our team wants to put out work that showcases our artists and authors talent in the best way possible.

Currently we have a few titles in the works check out our Roster. Check out what stages each title is in below:

  • Momma's Tea

(Manuscript Being finalized)


(Pending Manuscript Formatting & Editing then release)

  • SandCastles

(Manuscript in the works)

  • Marked ( The Carnage of the Light)

(Manuscript in the works)

  • Captain O'Captain

(Scenes in Early Development)

  • Buffet Bachelor

(Coloring nearing completion, Lettering/Text to be added to finals)

  • Gamil & Honey

(Manuscript in Early stages of Development)

  • Baby & Monster

(Character Designs & Exploring Story Concepts)

  • Yum Gummy

(Reimagined & Editing originally in coloring phase)

  • Smoke

(Manuscript completed and in editing phase)

  • Miss Mary

(Short Manuscript is done, discussions as to whether we make it a comic or novel)

  • ROXO

(Manuscript for first set of books is done, entering storyboarding phase and panel development.)

Other titles currently under development too:

  • The Legend Bear

  • Eothra

  • Pacer ( Working title)

  • The Pelican

  • Tricolor

  • His Dragonfly

Our team may need help with these. I mean we are a small operation. I hope to find other artist and authors in the future who want to be apart of our group. We've tried putting calls out for work but haven't really found anyone whose willing to commit. We are hopeful that other like minded creatives will join our journey in the future.

Thanks for Reading!

~Envision & Wonder Team

Envision & Wonder Team

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