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Week 1: Get Crafty

A lot of us are at home so while we partake in social distancing here are 7 things that you can do to keep busy this week! This is part one of our teams mini series.

Week one: Let's get Crafty

1. Build that shed or toy chest that you have been putting off for years. We all know it's probably still in the box. Book shelves count too, just be safe!

2. Look into model kits or miniatures. It can be satisfying.

3. Socialize online. Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Youtube, Facebook, Google and I'm sure there are more but either way Share those self made crafts.

4. Send a Letter to a friend, a real one not a text.

5. Paper rmache something, everyone has a talent use yours.

6. Make jewery, from household gems you find laying around.

7. Eat something fancy.Like a Breakfast Pizza. Make it yourself. Share with Family.

Thanks for Reading!

~Envision & Wonder Team

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