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Put The Bottle Down

Just getting off from work, I had a hard day, everything was difficult nothing went my way, laying down in the room no food in the fridge, I need some to take my troubles away make it water under the bridge, need to get some air so I'll head to the bar, don't wanna walk so let me drive my car.

I got a few drinks in and I got room for more, bartender says that's it and I gotta walk out the door.

As I head to the car I couldn't find my keys, I check my pockets and I don't feel them, I check my pockets again and now I hear them. I get to my car open the door and I drop my keys, I bend down to pick them up now I'm feeling nauseous, I shouldn't drive at all, but I'll drive very cautious.

I can't see, my vision is blurry, I need therapy or something to cure me, almost home I close my eyes for one second then I hit something, I look around and I don't see nothing.

Maybe I hit a curve, so I drove off scared out my mind no traffic light could make me stop, red and blue lights behind me and it's the cops.

They tell me you ran lights and hit a person who may survive, I quickly cried and at that moment I didn't wanna be alive.

The charges were dropped, after that day I turned my life around, that experience taught me and forced me to put the bottle down.


This poem is about a man who was addicted to alcohol and he experienced an incindent that changed his alcoholism.

Vincent Burgess Jr. Author of, " Journey ."

Vincent Burgess Jr.

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