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It breaks my heart and bring tears to my eyes when I think back on the times we had, it was a lot of happy moments and a few times I made you mad. I remember conversations and me asking questions while you cook in the kitchen, told me stories about life and next to you I did dishes. You two prayed for me, and in a way you two saved me. You and her both came to my rescue, that was you guys way of saying we're here for you. The time I remember most was when both of you left me for good, I know you would've stayed longer only if you could, the lady who use to watch me play out the window left me weeks before my birthday, years later it's still the worst day. The man who always say see you later alligator slipped away in the middle of the night, I shook my head for so long cause those 2 losses don't even seem right. I hope when you looking down on me I make you two smile, I hope that me staying strong makes you two proud. Since I could remember ya'll kept it real, never been afraid to express how you feel, I miss your laughs and how every holiday you cook a big meal, when I look to the sky I wonder what you two doing, it's amazing how when I'm standing at your graves the whole world stops moving.

Description: This poem is dedicated to my grandparents.

Vincent Burgess Jr. Author of, " Journey ."

Vincent Burgess Jr.

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