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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

We love stories and we are proud to say it. No story is ever the same, we sign artists and authors who are driven by their passion, and devotion to their work. We look for those who create because it is in their blood and whose stories are captivating and take you off.

JM Devon became our first signed Author of 2018. We published his book, "Hand of Fate," June 1st 2018 and launched his book on several platforms, our Shop, Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

Hand of Fate by JM Devon

It's been amazing to see his work come to life after all of the hours we all put into making it possible. JM Devon literally wrote the entire book on his phone. He told us from the start that he was devoted to his work as a writer and that his dream was to publish his books. Our team believed in him and his story so we worked we him and toughed it out, even when there were sleepless nights for the Founder (Lovietta Simpkins), Editor in Chief ( Leevette Simpkins) and The Literary Creative Agent ( Travis Walker).

We all like to believe that JM Devon's story ignited a fire in our company unlike any other, and we are happy that we could be a part of his journey to becoming a published Author and we hope to sign more Artists and Authors like him in the future.

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