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Get back up

Each day we face a system, that some say is rigged. They say, "what's the use, we have been set up to fail regardless of what we do, so why even try?"

"Why try?"

Honestly try because it keeps your heart pumping. Try because failure is a temporary state of being and not a perpetual lifestyle. Comb through your history and pull from the ups and downs. Yes there are choices you could have made that could have changed the course of your life but you overcame them.

If you walk through life and in a constant state of mind that makes you back peddle to, "oh I wish I'd done this differently," well lets just say; that's just not healthy. You need to heal. Learn from your failures and build up your knowledge. This way you can pass on your wisdom to someone else or even use that as fuel to get to where you want to be in life.

What you went through is only a step in one direction but the other paths you choose because of it will be yours. Don't stop because you failed. Don't allow your adventure to end just because of obstacles in the road. You need to work with what you have, learn from failure and make the most of it because you are stronger than you know.

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