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Dream Big & Believe

A dream starts with you and what it ultimately becomes depends on it's creator. No one is perfect and neither our the dreams we create. I hear all the time about people wanting to do something outside of the norm and they just sit and wait. They tell themselves, it will come tomorrow, no wait it will come the next day and the next. Then soon enough, all the doors close, and where is that dream? It's become lost in a sea of not yet, and I'm not ready or he said and she said it won't work anyway.

Don't fall into the hold off until tomorrow trap. Give into fear of the unknown and let uncertainty break the binds that hold you. Of course you will feel uneasy about it, there will be self doubt, procrastination, and loads of obstacles in your way but don't let that stop you. Make a decision and let your dream fly. Work hard for it and even if your don't make it to the exact place you want to be, just know, you will make it where you are meant to be. And don't forget that their are family, friends and even people that you've never even met who will rally around you because it's the gift that keeps on giving.

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