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Creator of Dreams & Dealer of Stories.

Inspiration from Author JM Devon

Hand Of Fate by JM Devon

Hand of Fate is my first novel and there's more to come down the road.I love writing because it takes me away from the real world and my actual problems when I have them. I am more of a fiction writer then a reality writer but I am a hopeless romantic depending on the concept of the story! If the writer knows how to create a really good one I will read it.

I am a sucker for happy endings the bad ones I’m not to fond of but everything doesn't always end on a happy note so bad endings are understandable.

My imagination tends to run wild when I am writing, so if I space out that's just normal LOL! It's because my mind never shut off, it's always picturing up new ideas for me to write about or new characters for me to introduce to a story I am writing!

I like to think if your mind never shuts off it means your brain is a future gold mine for great things that will get recognition.

Well that's enough about me for now! But you will be seeing a lot of me from here on out

Thanks! for reading this kind of short Bio about me.

Yours truly! J.M. Devon

JM Devon

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