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Mr. Red (Part 4)

The morning sun hit the nape of my neck, warming me up just a little bit. I decided to walk from the hospital. My gut told me to just go, I had no intentions of getting in a car. So instead I lead myself home in a pair of purple sweats, a slender old polka dotted long sleeve shirt, and my ashy heels. All provided by the wonderful hospital staff and their donors.

Cars, sped pass me and I kept my eyes peeled. The sound of the engines cut through my ears. The drivers cars would screech wildly and they all seemed to stop on a dime.There's no way I was being followed but, hey you never know.

I could feel the stares while I lugged the plastic hospital bag along with me. But, it was fine, as long as the light was beaming and people could see me. They would notice if something happened to me.

Once I hit my block, I cut through a vacant lot then, darted through the alley on the east end of the building. Once I made it to the parking lot I was clear.

It was normal.

The neighbors were pulling out weeds from their lawns, the kids were playing football in the street and the mail carrier was speed walking on her route.

Yea. All that's changed was me. I use my key card to gain access to the apartment complex.


“Ah, Hey, Sam. Any good news or mail for me?”

"Yea, you have stack. I had to bill you for a extra box space this week. I’ll have Tim bring everything up for you...because, you sorta look exhausted. Have you been that Busy on the play? I haven’t seen ya in nearly two weeks."

“Oh, the play-” My mind fumbles through my memory, tracing back to the scene. I was being choked, by the smoke. I could taste the bitter air and smell the oil leaking from my engine. Then the flames sprang forth, and I could see them engulfing my car.

“Nina are you okay?”

“Uh, yea.You could say that. Ah..what am I saying.” I slap my head. “I’ve got a lot going on right now, umm No, it was postponed. A friend of mine passed away, and I got into a car accident, so, everything has been put on hold.

“Oh my gosh, girl. The landlord was questioned a few days ago, he sent some people up to your place. I overheard that someone got murdered?” Sam whispers.

“Well, I wouldn’t know anything about that. But, umm Sam, has anyone other than that came here looking for me?” I tried my best to stay calm. This has to be a joke. Now the landlord is letting people in my place? Since when did I become a part of a murder investigation. I have to call Detective Chambers. This is an invasion of privacy.

“No. I don’t recall.” His eyes shift to the front door. A guy walks in and tosses his keys on the Sam's desk.

“I need a new key, mine isn’t working. I’ve told the landlord about this and he has yet to address this issue. I’m also pretty sure my sh*t is going missing too in my place. What kind of organization are you people running--”

“Hey calm it down, Sam is just the mail guy.” I cut the jerk off. “Talk to security. You know the dude you blew passed, over there near the cameras. His name is Erin, and he is the one that handles the keys.”

“No one asked you.”

“Well the pleasure is all mine douchebag.”

He spits at the floor then strolls away stomping his feet like a two year old.

“Thanks Nina. That guy just moved in a last week.It’s been a problem almost everyday with him.”

“Yeah well, it still doesn’t give him the right to talk to you like that.” I head off towards the elevators.

“Tim will bring up your mail Nina, keep and eye out for him.”

“Thanks Sam,” I wave and blow him a kiss.

Now that that was over. I wiggle out my bones and take a deep breath.

Just as I step inside the elevator, I see that guy from before running towards me. My fingers tingle. As a personal rule of mine I could do the nice thing, or I could press the close door button. My eyes dart back and forth and I survey my options.

“Hmmm…Screw that I’ll leave it to chance.”

I mash the button for the eighth floor.

Just as the door is about to close that guy flags me, and jets in.

“No way..” I cough. The space is so small. I totally insulted this guy. The walls started pushing us closer together and there was no place for me to go.

His sweat gave off heat, cutting through the cool air like a small cloud of wind. He started to bounce a little, going from side to side. In his gym clothes. This guy must be a boxer. His legs were thick, his back was strong and peeking through his olive green tank top. I have to say not bad for a douchebag.

I notice some beauty mark spots on his back that curl along his shoulder blade. My mind was giddy to connect the dots. Just as I started to trace it with my eyes he turned and smiled at me.

“Oh, man, Thanks and sorry about before. I apologized to your friend out there too. I was an a**.” He laughs nervously.

“Uh-” No, way Nina, just ignore him and he will go away. My eyes shift away from his.

“Ya know..your hair smells amazing, kinda like honey. Is that why your hair is so curly.” He laughs a little. His caramel eyes beam in my direction. “You’re sweet and I'm sweaty, ah God, I'm can I truly make it up to you?”


Thanks for Reading! Stay Tuned for Part 5. Updates Release Every Friday at 7pm!


Mr. Red Copyright © 2017 By Lovietta Simpkins.

Published Envision & Wonder

All rights reserved.

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