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Mr. Red (Part 3)

Mr. Red ( Part 3) Coming This Friday!

I’d hit a major roadblock, with the Irving account. This client was beyond brutal. Each stage of the project was met with even more demand. At this rate the budget would be depleted before the end of the fiscal quarter.

“I can’t work like this,” I breathed hard then took another sip of my coffee.

Then my waist was invaded by a set of strong arms. They curled around me so tightly.

“Nina let me're thinking about work again?” His face kissed mine with subtle warmth.

“Hey, this is serious babe. I really can’t fool around on this one.”

“Nina, cut the crap. This is our free time. We’re on our honeymoon remember?”

“Look...I said that the dates for the wedding and the honeymoon were bad. You chose not to listen to me.”

“Because, you put the date off for three years.” He spins me around in my chair, then tilts his head into mine.

“Come..on..that’s not fair Darren. You knew I had a lot going on.”

“Nina I wanted to marry you.I else would I have gotten you out of that d*mn office and into my arms? Lets relax..It's our honeymoon, lets drink champagne, dance and get wild.”

“You’re so stupid Darren.” I roll my eyes and laugh a little.”The real world is screaming at me and it’s saying you are going to regret this.”

“Well tell the real world to p*ss off. Because, you’ve got--” Darren yanks me up.

“Hey!” I laugh.

“You’ve got a glorious date with your husband.” He nudges my nose with his then carries me outside to take in the wondrous sunset. It cut along the horizon of the beach, shining through to us both.

It was as if the billions of hues were just for our viewing. This beach house was our little heaven and he was my angel.


“Nina..Nina you’re crying.”

“, I’m sorry Dr. Walker. I was just thinking about someone. It's not important.

“Now, as your doctor I have to monitor your levels of pain. But, if you need a friend, I’m here for you.” She looks at me and smiles a little.

“No, like I told the officers, I don’t remember any of it...Darren is dead. It must have been a hallucination.”

“Who's Darren?” Dr. Walker, takes a seat beside my bed then sets my charts down on a small bedside table.

“ one important.” My hands start to shake, while I grip my bed sheets.

“Nina..are you alright?”

“Hmm? Oh I’m sorry, I’m okay.”

“Look I’m not going to pretend for you Nina. What ever you are running from, you need to meet it head on. Talk to the officers today. Something happened out there, and I have your charts and physicals, which speak otherwise.

“You called them?”

“Yes I did. Detective Chambers is in the lobby.”

Dr. Walker pages the front desk, using her phone and before I know it I’m in the presence of Detective Chambers.

His lips smack, and speckles of his spit hit the floor as he paces back and forth, tapping my file in his hand.

"You wouldn’t give a name the last time my team interviewed you. That's been what, a week now?"

"So--" I fold my arms. this is a mess. I wish he would just go already. "Detective I’m not pressing charges against anyone, and the person in the road didn’t turn up either. Now what’s your plan huh? It was just a crash."

"Yeah funny just a crash, except you showed signs of struggle. Looks to me if the crash wouldn’t kill ya, then something or someone would have."

"I’m not in danger Detective, and I’m not looking for any favors so why are you here?"

"Eric’s dead."

My stomach sinks, crawling around then hiding deep within me. It keeps the bile from rising.


“You made a phone call to him, about three days ago from this room. We checked the records on his phone. Now I can only speculate what you two discussed but, whatever it was, the end result was Eric six feet under.”

I cover my lips, and shiver. “”

“Now are you ready to talk, or is your life still not in danger?”

“Eric was, my friend. He helped me get into the theatre after I lost my old job.”

“Did he have any enemies?”

“No. I don’t think so.” I shake my head.

“What about you Nina? Anyone who was looking to get to you through him?”

“No-” I shake my head. “Maybe..oh God-” I start breathing fast. “I don’t know.”

“Nina. Come on, talk. Eric is probably dead because of you.”

“NO! Don’t say that. I didn’t think this would happen. I thought it wasn’t real. I thought it was a hallucination. Darren..”

“What do you mean? And who's Darren, you didn’t tell us about him at all?"

“Darren was my ex husband, he died along time ago. I was just readjusting to my new life here. You know, the city has a lot more to offer a small town girl than rows of corn.” I lied. I just wanted the interview to be over. I didn’t know anything about the country. I need the detective off my back. If he did any more digging then he’d be in danger too.”

“What happened to your husband?” The Detective stares at me harshly.

I look up at the officer and bite my bottom lip. Tears create a stream, that pivot down my cheeks.

“Detective, that chapter is done, and I’ve handled it in a court of law. I killed my husband in self defense.”


Thanks for Reading! Stay Tuned for Part 4. Updates Release Every Friday at 7pm!


Mr. Red Copyright © 2017 By Lovietta Simpkins.

Published Envision & Wonder

All rights reserved.

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