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Mr. Red (Part 2)

Mr. Red ( Part 2) By Lovietta Simpkins

The smoke cut through the air, wielding an unforgiving hand that engulfed my entire car. It created a clouded silhouette, an obscure replication of a man. His body seemed to fly towards me, whirling like the smoke grasping what air my lungs had left. There's no way I can make it out and yet my mind keeps showing me this person. He couldn’t possibly be real.

Still though, my body shook underneath the weight of his eyes. They sunk into mine then swept over my frail body, that was swimming with broken bones. and little to no heartbeat.

Those eyes challenged me because if I hadn’t lost my mind then I surely was dead. As he drew me in more I realized once more that no words could expel from my crusted lips.

I wanted to live long enough to see those eyes again, coco brown, with a hint of grey casting shadows along his iris.

Yes the course of my life must be nearing heaven, because otherworldly creatures like him don’t exist. There was no need to fight. It was time for me to let go.

My eyes closed just as flames started to sweep through the floor mats of my car.

“Not today Nina.” a voice rang through my ears.

It was that man again. The one I’d surely made up, who yanked me from the car amidst the rattling engine, and the spitting flames. His hands were warm blistered my skin, causing fickle blush.

“Rest your eyes Nina.” He said it once more and this time the voice started to sound familiar.

While I stared into his chest. I caught notes of chypre singing from his pores. He started to carried me up the hill, and the rain hit us both, but the scent didn’t fade. The oak moss coated all of me. It climbed through my nasal cavity, burning me like the flames in my car.

“All you need is love, my darling.” He began to whistle.

No--no way, it couldn’t be.. I panted, trying to force air out. I need to breathe. All the smoke inhalation inflicted had me struggling for oxygen.

He pulled me into him close, stroking my hair with his chin.

“Someone please help me!” Only grunts came from my lips.No one could hear me. Even the cars along the road kept going even with the gapers.

“My dear what’s the rush? I know you don’t think you can get rid of me. We are the dearly departed.” His lips blew against my ear, humming a lullaby.

The hairs on my neck curled back with in their nests, stabbing me from the inside. My throat tightened underneath his grip.

He stopped mid stride on the side of the hill and threw me down behind a bush. Then took hold of me fast, latching onto my head. His eyes, mocked me, while his hands wiped mud from my face.

“Nina, remember when you told me that I was your angel?” He plucked leaves from my hair.

“You recited a poem for me, as I sat next to you on the porch at our beach house. Nina you were so sweet back then, ever the caring and dutiful wife. I bet when you saw April in our bed that same night it shocked you. Nina, I never meant to hurt you. So, my darling...can I make it up to you, please?”

He laughed. “No, Nina. Don’t you dare look at me with that fire.”

Someone anyone --help me. All I could do was lay there helpless. I couldn’t feel anything until his cracked nails sunk into my neck, crushing throat.

I knew this man, I know his name. Once upon a time he was my husband. I will not die here.

“This time, stay dead okay honey.” He grimaced while my eyes rolled against the inner sockets as my lashes fluttered violently.

I forced my voice to break through the barrier cast upon my fear. I let myself scream from within, only to let out a bellowing screech that met this monster head on.

“Darren!” I repeated it over and over again, as long as my lungs would allow.

Then Darren dropped my head. I felt a pop as I laid beside a puddle.

Lights begin to flash.Sirens lurked closer as well as a mass of voices.

“Is anyone out there!” I could see a faint red uniform. People were scattering alongside me. I was an exhibit, out there for the entire world to see.

“Do you think she was thrown from the car?”

“Oh my goodness, the poor dear?!”

“Is she going to be okay.”

“Just look at this mess!”

“What the f**k! Hey dude take a picture!”

“Look at that fire.”

“Knock it off, if you’re not helping your in our way. The paramedic shoves his way through the crowd. His partner, isn’t too far behind.

“Hey Lucas they’re just kids and woohoo, look at all that damage man.

“Yea yea possibly Greg.

“Fine, keep acting like a spoiled child, I’ll check on the victim.”

“Go for it then, not gonna stop ya Greg.”

“Okay, I’m calling it, it’s about nine-fifty. Her time of death must have been a little shy of fifteen minutes ago, Lucas.”

“Hmm..maybe but let me check for ID.”

“Man, we’ve got to call in the other crews on this one. Any luck finding the Identification?” Greg pulls out a notepad.

“I donno, but I found a pulse, but it's faint.”

“What?” Greg drops his notepad. “So you double check your superiors now, what happened to finding the identification on the body?” He grits his teeth.

Lucas pushes past Greg, and tries to make a barrier between me and the crowd building up. “Come on back up everyone give the woman some air.”

“Hello did you not hear me? What pulse? I just checked her Lucas, there's no way. This body is done. No way she survived that crash. People are saying she was speeding, hit the guardrail then flipped off the road and into the tree.”

“A body? This is a person Greg. Is this your first day? If I say I hear a d*mn pulse reel in the equipment and grab that stretcher unless you’re taking issue with that too Mr. Superior?

“Fine, you sit back there with it, and I’ll drive us the hospital. It’s on you if you’re wrong Lucas.”

“Good, I look forward to proving your wrong.”

Greg treads off, getting the stretcher, while Lucas administers aid.

During that time all I can could see were an array of lights, and blurred faces.But there was a moment I felt wide and brittle hands touch my forehead. The kind that have probably been through more jobs than have names.I heard the other paramedic call him Lucas.

Then I heard Lucas call me a fighter. To be honest it was a lost term that I knew nothing about.


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Mr. Red Copyright © 2017 By Lovietta Simpkins.

Published Envision & Wonder

All rights reserved.

Published in the United States by Envision & Wonder. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the Publisher, Author & Illustrator, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. Copyright infringement is a crime and offenders will be punished to the full extent of the law.

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