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One Liner Titles & How to make them Stick Part 2

Since we’ve learned a bit on how to build a title in our last session, let’s create some one liner titles.

Step 1: Limit your Text

A title can be long, but don’t make it into a never ending sentence. In no way whatsoever should your title devour your book cover. That’s what catchphrases are for, well some times.

Alright in order to combat the never ending sentence we must place limitations on our title in order to zone in on the most pivotal context. We want the reader to see our book(s), and not only understand what they are buying but also give them added value.

The other reason that we must limit our title length is to guide our focus. We don’t need be all over the place when it comes to writing a title. If we do that, then confusion sets in. Then we are left with a collection of words that don’t have a distinct connection to your story. So in that regard if your book is about dogs versus cats verses hamsters then you shouldn’t be giving it a name that misrepresents the overall context.


Step 2: Brainstorm and Make a Short List

Be tactful and continue to focus. The short list is devised of ten working titles based on your story’s main idea.

Let’s go with the, “Dogs Verses Cats Verses Hamsters,” book story. If we dig further we can say more specifically that this book is about which Pets by comparison are better for children.

Now we can Brainstorm

Start with the most obvious first.

Dogs Verses Cats Verses Hamsters

Dogs, Cats and Hamsters

Which Pet is Best

Now pick up the pace. Use the main Idea and step out of the obvious box.

Family Pet’s Duking it out

How to Pick a Pet

Pets By Comparison

Wonders of The Pet Mess

Caught in the Middle of Cats Dogs & Hamsters

Battle of the Pets

Our Four Legged Friends

Now that you have Ten working titles Let’s Narrow it down to Five.

1.Dogs Verses Cats Verses Hamsters

2.Family Pet’s Duking it Out

3.Our Four Legged Friends

4.How to Pick a Pet

5.Wonders of The Pet Mess


Step 3 Time to analyze.

Pick 1 is straightforward. The idea is clear, but, it poses a lingering question for potential readers.

Pick 2 Shows relation to your main idea with the word family, and pets. When it comes to the word duking it can be seen in a metaphorical sense of a battle, a comparison. It’s not as open ended but it still can peak curiosity.

Pick3 Is cute, and can go either way. It’s safe.

Pick 4 is Telling someone, anyone How to Pick a Pet. It’s straight to the point.

Pick 5 Is A wild card. Pet Mess can pose many questions both metaphorical and in plain speech. This could be a good or a bad thing. On one end your have a person who picks up your book and says, “Wow a book on navigating the world of pets.” On the Other you have a person who associates mess with a more literal term. Pet’s and their mess, bad pets, and how to train them.

Now Pick 3

1.Family Pet’s Duking it Out

2.How to Pick a Pet

3.Our Four Legged Friends


Step 4 Pick One

Get some opinions, take in part what you’ve already learned from your titles thus far. You have to decide on what you want your title to say. If the book will be a guide then let the title take on that formula. How to’s can be very are helpful. Now If you want something more family friendly then by all means go for the cuteness.

Then again you might want to go for the title that touches bases on all sides of your main idea, that steps out of the box. It’s not the most obvious. But when you play with words, design and the cover you could make the perfect juxtaposition for a title a of that caliber.

Think about it, decide on what works best for you and your book.

My pick would be, “Family Pets Duking it Out.” I have a clear visual approach for the cover and the idea is there. Plus marketing it would be fun.

Stay tuned for the next installment. In Part 3 we will learn How to use your title as the Base Summary.

Thanks for Reading!


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