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How to build a Title for your Book Part 1

Over the next few days we will explore the world of Titles and How to develop your own.

Lets Create!

So you want to write a book, but you have no idea where to start. The first step to creating a book is to know your title.

Okay, okay so for some folks the more prestigious untitled label is the way to go. But this isn’t fast food. And the last thing an author or artist needs is heartburn and a bad aftertaste.

So, look no further I have three simple steps that can help you build a title for your book without using endless scraps of paper and renaming it once you are done with the manuscript.


  1. Know your Niche, Know your Genre.

If you are writing about vampires, or any type of lore then you need to tackle a title that captures that particular niche.

However, if being obvious and in your face isn’t quite what you want to go for, you can level with your base ideas and create misdirection in the title.

For Instance:

‘The Vampire’s Brethren,” could be turned into, “The Faction of the Night.”

Splash in a handsome cover, a witty tagline and you’ve got the makings of a great title. Doing this will convey more emotion, something more abstract.


2. Let the words battle it out

If you have friends or family, ask for opinions. What sounds good to you might not always ring well for others. It’s good to have a mini peer group, even if that group is online. Don’t be afraid to share what you are doing. Even if someone does appropriate your title, it couldn’t possibly be written the same as yours. Copyright laws are geared to protect the creator. The title is only a fraction of the bigger picture. What makes your book unique is your story, and that you must protect.

For Example: Dance with the Wolves can take on many versions:

-Dances with Wolves

-Dance with the Grey

-Rhythmic Grey

-Lupus Dance

-The Howlers Dance

-Wolves Dance too

It’s a matter of interchanging words,having a thesaurus handy, and doing research.


3. Basic Words work but Do Not Fear the Randomness

Anyone can make a title pleasing, but it takes work to make it memorable. You want to catch the reader's eye, not have them say, “Oh I’ve see it.”

Don’t lose your audience to a bad title. Artists and Authors have a power to captivate. Not everyone has the eye for titles, but with a bit of creativity you will be cranking out more titles than you know what to do with.

*Stay tuned for Part 2 - One Liner Titles and How to make them Stick.

Thanks for Reading.


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