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Celebrate Your Accomplishments! A word from the Envision & Wonder Team

What's the shame in giving yourself a pat on the back every now and then? Okay it may appear to be a tad conceited, it may even come off looking creepy but sometimes giving yourself that kick back is what you need in order to stay motivated. It's not often us grown folks get congratulated for our accomplishments.

Our days in school getting a freshly printed, "Nicely done," award from the teacher are over. But the spirit behind it doesn’t have to be, sometimes you don’t need a trophy or someone outside your circle of friends and family to give you that reassurance. Of course it feels good to hear it, or to receive any form of congratulation but we must remember that it’s only material. We need to be self-confident, and believe in our journey.

We, are the ones carrying the luggage as our dreams shift its destination, we are the ultimate tool in our kit of miscellaneous stuff.We will always meet people along the way who will either support, help,or hinder but we can’t lose track of our own role. So do yourself a favor and celebrate your accomplishments, motivate yourself, challenge your expectations and excel in your goals. Everyone will not understand your rationale but no matter what level you are at or how far you are away from succeeding you have to keep going. As long as you have courage and faith in your dream, anything is possible.

Envision & Wonder Team

Envision & Wonder Team

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