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Writing Tips 101: The Sweet Spot

Writing that first line of text for your manuscript sometimes can be daunting. What will you put on the first page? Where will you start?

A lot of times we have all these extravagant ideas for stories that work inside our heads. We have created vast worlds, characters and plot-lines that are so twisted even we didn’t see it coming. However translating those ideas to the page is a obstacle in itself. So we need to find that sweet spot.

Writing Tip 101: The Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is one of several writing exercises used to pinpoint your writing direction. Grab a sheet of paper. List three columns.

In the first column write a good plot-line for your story. It doesn’t have to be over the top just the first subject that comes out of your head.

It can be a one liner or a paragraph just get the idea down. in the middle take two key points from your first column, spin the plot on its head with a completely off the wall idea, use action words, try to pull the audience in with your verbiage. Go for the exact opposite of what your readers will expect.

Now in column three, eliminate everything that you thought you knew about your story. What haven’t you said, or revealed yet that is pivotal? This is the ugly truth that we must face. Because in order to release the content from your convoluted thought bubble we must explore beyond what can be seen.

This is the only way we can decide what will become the first line of text for our manuscript.

Now go write.

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