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Make Your Mark Today.

Envision & Wonder," Make Your Mark." 2016

The pencil broke today, splintered my fingers with its prickly bits like a needle. It left me wondering if the sketch was even worth it.

No manner of reward could account for the pain that I was enduring. My fingers pulsed, and throbbed as the lead seemed to sink, in my palm.

“Don’t watch it,” I found myself saying.

So I dragged my eyes away from the lead, only to fall upon the blankness of my sheet of paper.

It’s not the pain that's stopping me.

In fact it was the insane amount of intimidation that echoed out from that lonely page.

The lonely page that said, “Draw on me, come on, Make your Mark.”

Didn’t I need permission?

The page could easily end up in the trash if I wasn’t careful.

Was it truly okay to let myself go into such depth? It's been a long time since I drew anything. I was rusty.

They’d all no doubt laugh at me. Right?

Instead of asking for permission, I tossed the lead from my hand and sharpened my pencil. Who was I kidding? I have this fever to create in my blood. I could feel in my bones. Watched the play by play go around in my head as I dreamed.

This was the real thing.

Yes this is it. I have done it, now to show the world, whether I rise, sink a little bit or plummet.

Keep Going, We believe in You.

~ Envision & Wonder Team

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