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For Thought! A word From Our Team

Thomas Edison Quote. Photo Courtesy Of Vista Print Marketing

Each Day we all find ourselves grappling with reasons to quit.

Whether it’s the nine to five job, that is less than its weight in steady pay, or a relationship that’s fire sizzled after the honeymoon state. How bout one more?

Let’s say a project that's been sitting in the corner of our room festers into its own monster. We are the direct cause of the mess, because we’ve neglected it well beyond its initial start date.

So without any real reason we procrastinate, and put the work off waiting until we think the time is right. We let the dream die as well as the ambition to get the job done. Now you tell me when is the right time?

Today. Tomorrow, a week or a year from now? Why look back and wonder if our plans will work. Why not try them all, fail or not. It's always worth the ride when you try. So bet on your dream, put faith in yourself and fight against all odds. Get the work done today. Plan your next move and if unavoidable make a mess of things until you get it right because that is the journey.

~Envision & Wonder Team

Envision & Wonder Team

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