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Creator of Dreams & Dealer of Stories.

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Learn and Develop New Skills on Your Time.

Receive Exclusive Member-only Discounts in  Publishing, Creative Services, Art & Design, plus Advertising & Marketing. Get help Hosting Events and Launches for your books, products, and other services. Collaborate with other Creative Members.

Become What You Choose To Be!



 Our Artists, Authors, Dreamers, and Creatives come from all walks of life.


       From Artist who dab in both digital and traditional media, with the occasional merger. They are wild with creativity, constantly creating, experimenting, mixing media and developing their skills in art.


      The Authors spirit exists within every page, every word, phrase, witty remark, playful thought, rhythm, and rhyme. They do more than write, they give words life. Their writing transports audiences and pulls them in on countless adventures.

    The Dreamers make the most with what they have. Their talents span a vast amount of areas. They can conceptualize ideas. Some from start to finish, others, by pitching it to others who are capable of manifesting those abstract concepts. Dreamers are the innovators, the thought mechanics, our brainstormers.


     Our Creatives are full of boundless possibilities.


    When you Become A Member in Envision & Wonder’s  growing network of creatives, you become a part of the dream. We support all creative endeavors, careers, and even curate, commission and  collaborative projects. You will also receive exclusive updates though our newsletter in regards to projects, new releases, discounts on merchandise, and services.




     You are an Artist, Author or Dreamer who is thinking about publishing. You're not looking for a publisher but you do require a expert who knows the ends and outs of publishing.

     As a creative person You need a boost, need advertisements,fans, promotions, perks, merchandise, social media presence or even a website. You are new to Copyright Registration, Filing, Book Editing, Book Design, Layout, ISBN, Story Development and nearly all Creative Services, Book Formats, Epub, PDF, CBR, CBZ, MOBI, Interactive, and even Printing, etc.


    So here’s the deal. Our team has done the research. We know the ins and outs of publishing. Let us assist you on your journey.  So that you can create work without having to deal with the hassles that come with publishing.

$175 to $350

$350 to $675

$675 to $1250

$1250 to $1875

Publishing Services

Art & design 

Art & Design Services

Advertising & marketing

Our Advertising & Marketing Services are tailored to your needs. So whether you are looking for something budget friendly or a little more elaborate our team is here to help. Give us a summary of what your project is and request a quote. We will discuss terms and prices further based on the scope of your project.

Advertising & Marketing Services


Sometimes we face challenges when starting a new creative endeavor. You don't have to tackle it alone. Let the Envision & Wonder Team guide you on your journey! From Start to Finish we can assist you with planning and ultimately making sure that your projects come to life. We provide specialized 1 on 1 services in person and online to fit your needs. Give us a summary of what your project is and request a quote. We will discuss terms and prices further based on the scope of your project.


Event Hosting

Whether you are launching a new book, want to host a workshop, pop up gallery, film screening or other event we can handle the logistics that work best for your budget. Simply provide us with a summary of your event and your target date. Request a quote and we will discuss terms and prices further based on your needs.

Event Hosting
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