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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


     You are an Artist, Author or Dreamer who is thinking about publishing. You're not looking for a publisher but you do require a expert who knows the ends and outs of publishing.

     As a creative person You need a boost, need advertisements,fans, promotions, perks, merchandise, social media presence or even a website. You are new to Copyright Registration, Filing, Book Editing, Book Design, Layout, ISBN, Story Development and nearly all Creative Services, Book Formats, Epub, PDF, CBR, CBZ, MOBI, Interactive, and even Printing, etc.


    So here’s the deal. Our team has done the research. We know the ins and outs of publishing. Let us assist you on your journey.  So that you can create work without having to deal with the hassles that come with publishing.


Publication Services





( Pitch, Manuscript, or Creative Work)

Submission Evaluation


Acceptance or Denial

If Accepted Proceed to Next Stages in Production

If Denied, a Submission  Critique is given for the work. Applicants may reapply.


Confirmation of Interest If Submission is Accepted


Check List


Contractual Agreement

(All Terms are Outline)


Actual Production Stage


Development Process

(Occurs Only if Applicable( Pitch, Work in Progress Manuscript)

Story Development & Consultation Sessions

Character Creation & Development Sessions

World Building & Setting Development Sessions

Story Planning

Writing Processes



Proofreader & Beta Readers

Final Drafting Stages

Scheduling  & Deadlines

(ISBN Coverage & Barcode Assignment Copyright Registration & Filing)

Book Layout , Format & Typesetting

EPub, MOBI, PDF, DOC, CBR, CBZ, Book Conversion Format where Applicable


Distribution Planning

Brand, Advertising, Merchandise, Event, Social Media,

& Marketing Strategy


Print Distribution / Traditional Printing/ POD (Optional)

Ebook Distribution (Optional)



Vendor Pitches

Retail Options

Online Vendors


Post Production Stage

(Project Officially Finalized and Cleared for Distribution)

Royalties & Sales

Follow Distribution Plans

More Exposure Opportunities

Keep Content Relevant

Update Where Applicable




Art & Design

Business Services


Web Design / Development

Graphic Design



Brand Development

Advertising & Marketing Collateral

Advertising & Marketing

Logo Design Other


Flat Rates & Rush Jobs Available




Mock Ups & Drafts

Detailed Sketches & Layout Design


Cover Design & Layout

Cover Design Consultation with 3 Sample Concept Designs

Cover Design & Layout Revisions 3 Revisions Included



(Black & White | Color)

(Layout &  Style Options)


Illustration | Spot

Illustration | Vignettes

Illustration | Full Bleed {Single Page)

Illustration | Full Page Spread (Two Pages)

Concept Illustration


Simple Illustration Package | Sets of 6, 12. 24, 32 and up.

Medium Detail Illustration Package | Sets of 6, 12. 24, 32 and up.

High Detail Illustration Package | Sets of 6, 12. 24, 32 and up.




Storyboarding | Thumbnails (40 sketches / roughs)

Storyboarding | Black and White Storyboards (20 Panels)

Storyboarding | Color Storyboards (15 Panels)

Storyboarding | Concept Boards (10 panels)

Storyboarding | Script Page/ Continuity Boards (1 page 60 panels Black & White)

Storyboarding | Script Page/ Continuity Boards (1 page 60 panels Full Color)

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